Chapel Hill Elementary School

Decatur, Georgia
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5,481 artworks
- 1,480 this year
- 112 this year
192 statements
- 90 this year
630 fans
- 424 this year
268 student awards this year
7,905 visitors
School Awards (2)
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5,000 art
Dec 14, 2023
1,000 art
Jan 26, 2022
The next award will be earned after publishing 10,000 artworks!
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Wow ?? I love it!
comment for Isabella47410
Welcome to our Chapel Hill Panther Artist Gallery on Artsonia. Check out the great art being created at CHES. Visit often, JOIN FAN CLUBS, and most of all, send comments to your child. They LOVE reading all the wonderful comments. We are very proud of our CHES budding artists!

Students have begun taking photos of their own artwork from 2nd - 5th grade. Give them a little grace as they learn how to take great photos of their artwork and build their portfolios.

JOIN FAN CLUBS and share your child's creativity with family and friends around the world. ADD POSITIVE COMMENTS TO YOUR CHILD'S ART WORK. Our students are so happy to see that other people find their creations amazing too.
Kendall Siddiqui