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I like the texture the cross hatching gives your mushroom!
comment for Caroline16013
Welcome to our Genoa Elementary Art Gallery! Artsonia is a great way to share your child's art, see what they are learning and how they can continue to grow as an artist. That encouragement and support is invaluable to a child. :) While you are perusing, please note that merchandise with your child's art is available for purchase. 20% of the profits come to our school to purchase art supplies for our students. We began uploading artwork in 2012; there is now over 50,000 photos of art on Artsonia, and an online art portfolio for every student! I have been able to purchase extra paint, new brushes, paper mache, Model Magic, clay, and more. From the bottom of my heart - thank you!
Artfully yours,
Mrs. Combs
Stephanie Combs