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Melissa Mastrolia
The Conant Art Studio is Choice-Based, which means students will be introduced to & allowed to choose from a variety of centers like drawing, collage & sculpture.

The goal is to offer a program where students are encouraged to assume creative control of their art & art-making processes within an environment designed to support individual inquiry & the development of artistic behavior. In a choice-based classroom, it is the individual student, not the teacher who defines the project. Teachers instead function as facilitators, mentors, instructors, & motivators depending on the observed need, circumstance, and interest of the students.

Artwork in the WOW galleries (Wonderful Original Works of Art) are pieces that have been selected because they are proud, have worked hard, & have included a title & artist statement. Artwork in the Exploration galleries are pieces that students have created in art, but aren't display ready pieces & instead explorations that they want to document.