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Good colors
comment for SV236203
Welcome to the St Viator Parish School digital art gallery. The 2023-2024 school year marks our 9th year working with Artsonia to showcase our student’s artwork. The artwork is displayed by grade in project galleries by subject. If you click on a child's artwork, you will see a larger version of the art. Underneath that, you can view the student's body of work. The comments you leave are a source of pride and inspiration to our students. You can even join a fan club for your special student and get notices of when he or she adds new work. I would like to thank everyone that helps support our art room through Artsonia. As you may know, St. Viator’s art room gets 20% back, which helps us buy supplies that are above and beyond the standard items. Please check out their gift shop; they have a great gift center with your kid’s art on each piece. They do all the work and it’s a great keepsake! Thank you for visiting our school’s digital gallery.
Mrs. Kulwin
Bonnie Kulwin