Susie C. Altmayer Elementary School

De Pere, Wisconsin
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17,537 artworks
- 1,866 this year
- 342 this year
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- 519 this year
40,831 visitors
421 students won awards this year
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Welcome to the Susie C. Altmayer Artsonia page! I appreciate everyone that stops by our page and checks out all the great things we are doing in the art room. Please remember that artwork gets uploaded to our page frequently so make sure you come back often or sign up for alerts that let you know when your child had new art on the page. Comments are welcome too! Feel free to leave a positive comment about the artwork as well. Nothing is better than boosting a child's self esteem and making sure they know they are doing an excellent job. Also, you have the option to purchase items from the store with your child's artwork on it. It is an awesome feature that not only gives you a keepsake, but it also helps out the art department here. The arts here get 20% of every purchase put into a great account which goes to new art supplies for the students to explore.
John Johnson