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Greensburg, Indiana
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12,940 artworks
- 1,407 this year
- 427 this year
2,747 statements
- 395 this year
341 fans
- 137 this year
242 student awards this year
15,871 visitors
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10,000 art
May 25, 2022
5,000 art
Apr 27, 2020
1,000 art
Dec 19, 2013
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks!
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Great job Harper!
comment for Harper13307
Welcome to the St. Mary's School visual arts gallery. Art is offered weekly to students in grades K-6. Our goal is to create a variety of artwork, and then help publish what each student creates so that it can be saved in a virtual portfolio for them to access for years to come. You will have an opportunity to support your favorite student(s) by joining their fan clubs and sharing positive comments about their work. (Our students are unknown artists....but they ARE artists!! ...and they are my FAVORITES!!) Your comments will go a long way towards encouraging even the most reluctant artist to continue to try their best! You might have some opportunities to include student artwork on items in the Artsonia store. Please know that if you decide to purchase anything from the online store, any money generated will benefit our school, specifically Art. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts! May God bless each of you and keep your families healthy and safe. Keep creating!!!
Carol Blankman
no artwork