Liberty Corner Elementary School

Liberty Corner, New Jersey
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22,506 artworks
- 1,973 this year
- 212 this year
254 statements
- 0 this year
2,525 fans
- 740 this year
400 student awards this year
73,412 visitors
School Awards (3)
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10,000 art
Oct 10, 2014
5,000 art
Nov 30, 2012
1,000 art
Jan 13, 2011
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks! This award is almost earned!
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This is so cute! Lucas has always paid attention on details and had creative ideas.
comment for Lucas28402
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. Students truly LOVE when you leave positive comments and feedback on their artwork. Please leave a comment and then become a FAN. Once you become a fan you will be updated whenever a new piece of artwork is uploaded. Please encourage all your friends and family to be a significant part of your child's art career. LCS greatly appreciates your participation!
Stephanie Moench