Arthur W Coolidge Middle

Reading, Massachusetts
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33,887 artworks
- 1,775 this year
- 264 this year
11,426 statements
- 1,281 this year
2,719 fans
- 514 this year
282 student awards this year
113,059 visitors
School Awards (4)
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25,000 art
May 20, 2020
10,000 art
Nov 6, 2014
5,000 art
Oct 9, 2012
1,000 art
Feb 14, 2011
The next award will be earned after publishing 50,000 artworks!
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Audrey you amaze me with your artistic talent. Great-Grandpa Fred would have very impressed with what you an do. I look forward to having more of your artwork in our home. Keep up the great work. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
comment for Audrey14837
Welcome to the Coolidge Middle School gallery on Artsonia! Your participation is important! Please take the time to join fan clubs and send comments to students about their work. Try to have discussions at home about the wonderful things that students are exploring in art class. Teach your children how to write a compliment to a fellow artist, or help students reflect on their artwork by writing an artist statement for their published art. Thank you for being active in your child's art experience and supporting the arts! Feel free to contact Mrs. Doane if you have forgotten your screen name or security key for Artsonia. Also check out The Coolidge Art Room Website at
Sarah Doane