Georgetown Elementary School

Hudsonville, Michigan
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19,676 artworks
- 455 this year
- 76 this year
619 statements
- 0 this year
1,282 fans
- 309 this year
15 student awards this year
48,838 visitors
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10,000 art
May 2, 2015
5,000 art
Jan 28, 2014
1,000 art
Oct 23, 2012
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks!
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Good job!!!
comment for Kasey1800
The Georgetown Elementary Art Department is pleased to provide a K-5 online art portfolio for each student! All published artwork will remain online until the student graduates or leaves Georgetown Elementary. Funds generated through your Artsonia purchases will go directly back to Georgetown Elementary and will help purchase supplies for our Art Room. Our students pride themselves in always doing their best on every piece of artwork! You can see more artwork from our artists on our Georgetown Blog:

Thank you for your support of the arts!
Meagan Chmura