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Beautiful Peyton!! I enjoy seeing the smile on his face. Also the smile in the background which I assume is maybe a sun? Keep up the great artwork baby!
comment for Peyton21198
Hello fantastic West Wing artists and parents! Don't forget to register on Artsonia so that you will recieve emails every time your child has new artwork online! Have you added fan club members to your child's account? If you would like out of town friends and relatives to be able to see your child's art online and be able to leave encouraging comments for your young artist on artsonia, be sure to enter their email addresses in the fan club part of the parent page. They will receive an invitation to become a fan! You might like to check out the fun gifts you can buy with your child's artwork on it! They make great Christmas, Father's day, Mother's day or ANYday gifts AND 20 percent of the proceeds go to art materials for West Wing School so we can keep making all this great art!!! Thanks for supporting the ARTS at West Wing!
Tricia Hilbert