Art Room Newsletter: March 23, 2016

News & announcements from your child's school art room. March 23, 2016
Art Room Collections and Upcoming Events
from Ms. Datz
Hi everyone!
We are now more than two thirds of the way through the school year, hard to believe!

I am seeking a variety of items for the art room. Below is a list of some things. If you have any of these laying around here is your chance to do some Spring cleaning! I'm also open to suggestion. If you have "stuff"  you think I may  be able to use, please email me!!

Here's my list:

I can ALWAYS use more:
- Unscented Baby Wipes ( aka Art teacher GOLD)
- hand soap
- Zip lock baggies - all sizes

Other items can be saved from the recycle bin and reused by us!
- Plastic Containers with flip top lids - such as dishwasher packet containers
- Coffee Cans with lids
- empty, clean  "Tidy Cat" type litter buckets with the flip-top lids
- storage bins with lids, any size
- milk crates
- shoe boxes with lids
- Newspaper - nothing glossy
- Magazines - especially if they include animals, sports
- small odds and ends for sculptures - electronic items, interesting objects for still lifes and building - circuit boards, electronic components, thread spools, broken toys

I am also looking for
- Cotton rags ( or just old towels/wash cloths)
- Men's button-down shirts (to use as spare smocks)
- Spray bottles (empty, new)
- Sponges/ Scrubby sponges
- Squeegies
- Building materials
- Weaving looms
- sewing materials
- photography equipment

... and that's just off the top of my head!

If you have arts or craft supplies you no longer want, consider sending those in!
As always feel free to contact me if you have questions or before sending in things.

The 2nd Annual Fine Arts Night is coming soon! It is on the evening of the band and choir concerts - May 24. ALL students in our school will have artwork in this art show. If you are interested in helping me to prepare for this event please get in touch! I have LOADS of artwork to sort, select, frame and label! Not to mention hanging in the halls :)

I would like to have a small artists' reception and serve refreshments on this evening. If you would like to make a donation of napkins, small cups, lemonade, or cookies, please contact me to make arrangements.

Thanks for your time!!

Have a Blessed Easter,
Ms. Datz

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