Art Room eNewsletter: March 17, 2020

News & announcements from your child's school art room. March 17, 2020
Art E-Learning
from Mrs.Klatt
Good Morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Art lessons are a bit tricky to do without access to all the wonderful ooey gooey glittery art supplies we have in room 310. However, we can take this time at home to learn a bit of art history, use digital technology, and complete some work with good old fashioned pencil and paper. I will miss being in the art room creating masterpieces with your students but I am confident their knowledge of art and artists will continue to grow during our time seperated. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. 


Lessons each week can be located in the following places:

Kindergarten: Art lessons will be included on your homeroom teachers's weekly calendar. 

First and Second Grade: Two lesson per week will be posted to your classroom See-Saw and on your homeroom teacher's weekly calendar. 

Third Grade:  You will receive two lessons a week starting  in the 3rd Grade Art Google Classroom. This week there will be only one lesson. You should also see art listed on your homeroom teachers weekly calendar. 

4th-8th Grade:  You will receive one lesson per week via Google Classroom. You shoudl also see art listed on your homeroom teacher's weekly calendar. 

Parents can also access lessons via my teacher page on the Sacred Heart Website. You can add yourself to your student's Google Classroom there as well. 

If your student creates some awesome art at home they are encouraged to post it ot the Free Choice Art Tab in Artsonia. I can't wait to see what student's create. Also, Your student may be asked to submit work to Artsonia for a lesson. The code for them to acces it is PPMS-MPZN

Stay well everyone! If you have questions please contact me during e-learning hours via email or at 847-219-6389

Best Regards,
Mrs. Klatt 
Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Our dream is that every young artist will have an online art gallery, preserving their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!