November 12, 2019

News from your child's school art room
November 12, 2019
Dryden's Art Program-1st Trimester News
from Mrs. Fuglestad
Thank you for taking a few moments to find out what has been happening in your child's art class. There is so much more learning going on than a glimpse in the hallways would show since we do so many digital extensions to our learning with our class set of iPads.

Augmented Reality in the Art Room
All classes have been introduced to Augmented Reality either quickly at the end of class or during the week of Halloween. 
View our Haunted ARt experiences here: Haunted ARt Room - Dryden Art
and Bringing ARt to Life #AugmentedReality - Dryden Art
See my AR Book Cover post Book Covers that Come to Life with AR - Dryden Art
You can download the EyeJack App and make your copy of these books come to life too.

Learning Mascot
Students were introduced to my learning mascot Fuglefun. She cheers me on as I problem-solve and cheers me up when I need a boost. All 1st-5th graders were invited to draw their learning mascot at the start of the school year. Mine comes to life with Augmented Reality (of course). Learn more here: My Pencil Made Me Do It: Book Review - Dryden Art

Sharing our Art Program
I will be presenting multiple sessions at the Illinois Art Education Conference at the end of November. Examples of our students’ beautiful work will be shared with other art teachers from across the state. Here is an example of one of my presentations.

Congratulations Sonny!
Sonny M’s art (2nd grade) was selected as one of only 45 pieces for the state-wide traveling student art show. He will be honored at the art show reception in St. Charles on Nov. 23rd.
Congratulations Sonny #IAEA19 - Dryden Art
See my archive of all our past art show winners on my website here.
Just for Kindergarten
Kindergarteners started the school year by learning primary and secondary colors and how they fit on a color wheel. Then they made their wheels come to life with the Quiver App.
View this on twitter here

They mixed the three primary colors to make a symmetrical design that had hints of the secondary colors. Then they used their imaginations and the magic of green screen to pretend to be the body of the butterfly they created.  Artsonia Art Gallery - Digital Butterflies

Then they used construction paper to design a body that was the best SIZE and SHAPE to turn it into a butterfly. Artsonia Art Gallery - Paint Butterflies

See students learning to write artists' statements on Artsonia here.
Just for 1st Grade
First graders learned to create a still life inspired by Paul Cezanne as they overlapped apples to create depth. They painted the wallpaper and tablecloth with line, shape, and color pattern. See some students working hard at painting.
We practiced our patterns digitally before we drew them physically. See what that looked like here. We sang along with our Fugleflick about pattern called Repeat.

Artsonia Art Gallery - Apple Still Life

We’re getting started on our next project. It will be a digital snowman painting inside a snow globe. This first grader gave us a hint of what it would be like to be in one.
Just for 2nd Grade
Students were inspired by the book, Giraffes Can't Dance, to help prove that giraffes CAN dance with art. See our tweets #GiraffesCAN on twitter.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Giraffes CAN Dance Paintings
See students working on their paintings here.
We added UV paint to the backgrounds so our giraffes can dance out under the stars.
I have a class set of blacklight flashlights. See here what it looked like when we viewed them.
The book that inspired this project was set up with augmented reality. We watched the cover come to life with the EyeJack app here.
See the lesson here: https://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/giraffescan-can-paign
Next, we plan to use our iPads to make the giraffes dance with animation like this.
Just for 3rd Grade
Third graders studied the most famous artwork of Edvard Munch, The Scream. They then created a spoof of his piece with their own scream, ice scream, or scream with ice scream pose. Artsonia Art Gallery - The Scream Collage
See 3-3 class movie of finished paintings.

Then, students used Crayola's monster mixer game to creatively make a monster. 
Monster Mixer Drawing
These were used to make a positive and negative graphic design.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Positive Negative Monsters
Just for 4th Grade
Fourth graders drew their self-portraits in a 3/4 pose.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Self-Portrait Sketch

Students traced their self-portrait three times to make a triptych. These were painted with monochromatic color schemes using a tint and shade of one color.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Monochromatic Triptych Self-Portraits
See post: https://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/monochromatic-self-portrait-triptychs
Just for 5th Grade
Fifth graders used the inspiration of MC Escher to create imaginative designs that tessellate with no gaps or overlaps. They were first introduced to this concept in math with geometric shapes and transferred their understanding to art as they created recognizable images.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Translational Tessellations
Learn more here: https://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/translational-tessellations

Some 5th grade classes had a chance to work with dominoes (thanks to a Donor’s Choose Grant) to create a collaborative mural of the Mona Lisa. It turned out pretty amazing. View it here Mona Lisa Made with Dominoes - Dryden Art or in the school’s big display case by the Dolphin.

Thanks for reading!
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