Art Room eNewsletter: August 31, 2019

News & announcements from your child's school art room. August 31, 2019
Welcome Back to School!
from Ms. Little
Welcome back, Forest Lakes Elementary artists' families! 
We have gotten back into school, full swing. It's amazing to think we just had the ten day count.  Already, we are working on so much art.

About the Mosaic Mural...
In the midst of so much happening at the end of the school year, I seemed to have forgotten to post the link to the article that was written about our wonderful mosaic mural.  It was installed the night before the 5th grade celebration.  With it being so late in the school year, we didn't really have time to give it all the fanfare it deserved.  The article was written by one of our own reading teacher's daughters.

Upcoming Art Exhibit:
Congratulations to the following students whose artworks will be hanging at the Administration for this school year:  

1st grade:  Mia A., Sariyah B., Adam L., Louis M. and Mackenzie S.
3rd grade:  Gavin C., Emma V. and Sofia G.
5th grade:  Stephanie C. and Anya P. 

The Annual Administration Building K-12 Art Exhibition Reception will be held on Wednesday, September 25, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  
This is always a huge event!  Cookies and punch are provided by our Pinellas Art Educators' Association, as well as art t-shirts!

The Children's Art Exhibit at the City Hall of Oldsmar Opening Reception will be soon after, on Tuesday, Oct. 1st from 5-7 pm.  We have about 130 art works on display at this one.  Invitations will be passed out, as soon as we receive them.  Both Forest Lakes Elementary and Oldsmar Elementary participate in this.  It really is a nice show and a good time for all.  The artwork will be on display from Sept. 25th until the last week of November.

What's New This Year in the Art Room?  Along with our rules of Act Responsible, Respect yourself, others and the artroom, Take care and be safe, we are also reciting a mantra before beginning our work to help keep it positive.  It goes like this:  My Mantra:  I am positive, I am creative, I am mindful, I am amazing, I am an artist.

On that note, I'd like to wish you all a safe weekend.  


Ms. Little
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