Art Room Newsletter: December 12, 2012

News & announcements from your child's school art room. December 12, 2012
from Karen Griffith

Christmas is in high gear in the art room with lots of green and red. Many of the students have been using ipods to create digital Christmas pictures. The favorite is the percolator app which transforms a drawing into various circles depending on the amount of different values of color in the drawing. Each color value becomes a circle.

Also don’t forget to post comments on all the different art your child has done.  Your child can also leave comments for friends.  As well as family members can be invited to join your child’s gallery and leave little messages for them.  After Christmas we will be posting art, comments and looking over the awards the children have accomplished so far this year on the bulletin board outside the art room.  For the start of the New Year many classes will be starting religious art in preparation for Jan. 27- Feb. 2 Catholic Schools week. Have a wonderful  Holiday Season. 
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