November 7, 2018

News from your child's school art room
November 7, 2018
Dryden's Art Program-First Trimester News & Vote for Zeke
from Mrs. Fuglestad
Thank you for taking a few moments to find out what has been happening in your child's art class. There is so much more learning going on than a glimpse in the hallways would show since we do so many digital extensions to our learning with our class set of iPads.

VOTE FOR EZEKIEL100 FOR ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Zeke's Wishtree art was chosen randomly for the artist of the week contest. If he gets the most votes in his age category he and the art room will win art supplies. Vote Wednesday-Saturday. No login needed. Please share the link.

5th grade Fugleflick Filmmakers finished their school climate film,  Do the Dryden Dos. This movie will be shared with our Dryden students and entered into film festivals and student video contests where available. See the post with karaoke music and lyrics. Go directly to the movie (2mins).

Please consider donating to one or both of our 
Dryden Art Room projects on Donor’s Choose, a place where teachers post projects that education supporters can help fund with tax-deductible donations.

ARTSONIA NOW ALLOWS VIDEO: This year Artsonia began hosting student video and animations in individual portfolios. I went back into my digital archives and uploaded over 500 videos to student accounts from the last couple of years.
Please explore your child’s portfolios and see their transdigital artwork.

Just for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Quiver - Dryden Art 
Kindergarteners made their color wheels come to life with augmented reality (AR). 

Artsonia Art Gallery - Digital Butterflies
Kindergarteners mixed the three primary colors to make a symmetrical design that had hints of the secondary colors. Then they used their imaginations and the magic of green screen to pretend to be the body of the butterfly they created. 
Learn how they were made: 

Just for Grade 1

Artsonia Art Gallery - Symmetrical Collage Monsters
First graders learned about collage and symmetry as they created these monsters inspired by the book "Go Away Big Green Monster".
Learn more from my blog post: 
Want to try a cool animation project with your child using this image?
Use my tutorial and two free apps to give it a try: 

Just for Grade 2

Artsonia Art Gallery - Tree Silhouette
2nd grade students learned to draw a tree with "V"s inspired by the Wishtree and Giving Tree books. 
Artsonia Art Gallery - Making a Wish 
2nd graders posed in front of 
green screen pretending that they were under the Wishtree making a wish. They learned how to make their photo into a silhouette and digitally collaged it into their tree silhouette paintings on our iPads using the Superimpose app. You can read their artist statements to find out about their wishes.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Percolated Tree Silhouettes 
Students learned how to abstract their art in an image filter app called, The Percolator. This gave students a chance to practice uploading art directly to their digital portfolio.
Learn more about this project here:

Just for Grade 3

ARt Color Wheels #DotDay18 - Dryden Art
Third graders prepped their optical illusion color wheel paintings on a Quiver Dot day sheet. They didn’t realize until we took out the iPads that they had been working with a sheet that triggers augmented reality illusions. View my post to see the class exploring their color wheel via AR. https://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/art-color-wheels-dotday18
Artsonia Art Gallery - Op Art Color Wheel with Rotational Symmetry
3rd graders learned about the color wheel, complementary colors, pattern, and optical illusions as they created these rotationally symmetrical designs.
Students are using their color wheels for an animation lesson where they learn about rotation and relative size as they appear to fall into their art. View some completed movies here:
3-1 animations: https://vimeo.com/299253320
3-2 animations: https://vimeo.com/299461709
Stay tuned to see them spin as students to fall into their own art.
Learn more: 

Just for Grade 4

Artsonia Art Gallery - Alien Sketch
Fourth graders are planning out their alien running animation by first designing their alien on paper.
Artsonia Art Gallery - Running Alien
Fourth graders created a running animation from their alien design on paper. They drew their figure in 4 running poses to create the illusion of movement. Stay tuned to see these aliens run across their alien habitats. Meanwhile, a few classes took their alien on a test run through the art room:
4-1 Alien Invasion of the Art Room: https://vimeo.com/299041719
4-2 Alien Invasion of the Art Room: https://vimeo.com/297992731
4-3 Alien Invasion of the Art Room: https://vimeo.com/298416201
4-4 Alien Invasion of the Art Room: https://vimeo.com/299476371

Learn more here: https://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/running-aliens-in-their-habitats

Just for Grade 5

Artsonia Art Gallery - Robot Sketches
5th graders are working on a robot painting made from shapes turned into forms. 
Artsonia Art Gallery - Robot Paintings
5th graders completed their robot painting made from shapes turned into forms. Stay tuned for the animation they create that brings their robot to life!
Learn more about the project here:

Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Our dream is that every young artist will have an online art gallery, preserving their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!