March 9, 2016

News from your child's school art room
March 9, 2016
Second Trimester in Dryden's Art Class
from Mrs. Fuglestad
Here is what we've been learning and exploring in each of our grade levels during art class.
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Just for Kindergarten

We finished our pumpkin patch landscapes:
Then worked on creating a 2-D snowman painting:
View this tweet of some students painting:
Students then used clay to make a 3-D snowman sculpture:
See this tweet of some kindergartners painting their sculpture:
We are currently working on creating our self portrait.
See this tweet of students playing "pin the feature on the face":

Just for Grade 1

Students finished their symmetrical monster collages:
Learn more about this lesson here:
Take a peek at this tweet to see a monster that came back into the artroom after we finished:
Then we made the monsters abstract as we learned how to work with digital images on the iPad. View them "percolated" in the percolator app: http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?project=1085266
Some students had a chance to try a Lovely AppSmash for Valentine's Day.
We are currently making Pigeon Don't paintings (see them here as they finish) that will become book covers designs. Learn more about this lesson here and stay tuned for our results!

Just for Grade 2

Students worked on creating a winter self-portrait. They learned to photograph and upload their sketch using iPad document cameras thanks to an ABC/25 grant!
View sketches here:
View the finished Winter Self-Portraits here:
They look amazing! See this tweet of a display in the hallways:

We are working on our Pablo Picasso collages now...stay tuned!

Just for Grade 3

Thanks to your fundraising efforts by purchasing items on Artsonia, I was able to buy a class set of Dr. Seuss books for our third grade lesson. See this tweet:
We made Dr. Seuss inspired animals to add to our Seuss-ish zoo:
These creatures were then layered into the "If I Ran the Zoo" book cover:
Learn about the lesson, see images of students working, and watch a video made by one group where they speak through their creatures: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/what-if-you-ran-the-zoo
Students are currently working on a light up relief sculpture with paper circuits thanks to an ABC/25 grant. View this tweet to see some working: https://twitter.com/fuglefun/status/707366666053799937
Stay tuned!

Just for Grade 4

4th graders finished doing a series of physical and digital creations.
First they drew a silly person chosen from a "how to draw" packet. They photographed it and made it a high contrast image: http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?project=1060952
These were then made into Pop art in the style of Andy Warhol:
Learn more here: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/drawings-made-into-pop-art-on-ipad
Then the image was used to learn some graphic design techniques, positive & negative, and reflection as they turned it into a Downton Abbey styled graphic design:
Learn more here: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/downton-abbey-positivenegative-space
Then students had a chance to do an All Class Stop Motion Animation. View the super fun results here:
This group tried out our dancing monster stop motion lesson (you can try this out on STEAM night this May!)
View the work created by 4th graders during the Animation Workshop 
offered for those hoping to enter a film into the Reflections Contest. Congrats to Katie for moving on to the next level!
Students are currently working on a Rene Magritte inspired surrealist painting based on "Son of Man" and preparing for our trip to the Art Institute of Chicago in April with fun games that get us thinking and talking about art. Stay tuned!

Just for Grade 5

Fifth graders used their finished light up robots as the cover image for Newsweek magazine:
Learn more about this lesson  http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/paper-circuit-robot-digital-extension
See which one was featured in an article in January's issue of School Arts Magazine here: How to Make a Light Up Robot
Students tried an Hour of Code in the Art Room
They are currently working on making themselves fly like the character in Tar Beach, by Faith Ringgold. They finished their Flying figures:
and are working on finishing their cityscapes of Chicago. These will be the backgrounds for their flying animation. View finished cityscapes here:  http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?project=1108023
Learn more here: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog/flying-animations-on-ipads
See this tweet of students drawing on their iPads:

Fugleflick filmmakers are wrapping up their movie. Look at some of the amazing video effects they are creating in this post: Fuglefun ways to use Green Screen
Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Our dream is that every young artist will have an online art gallery, preserving their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!