Graffiti Wall

Slideshow from East Grand Forks Senior High School (posted on January 4, 2024)
Name in Graffiti Style (First or last name; No nicknames) -YEAR Your Graduation Year graffiti style -3 Objects- three-dimensional objects that represent your life -NO Symbols, Emojis, No words/numbers (other than name & year) -No LOGOS unless it is on a 3d object COLOR SCHEMES -NAME: Choose 1 set of complementary colors -YEAR: Choose a new set of complementary colors -3 3D OBJECTS: Use the realistic colors Watercolor and/or watercolor pencils on objects -BRICKS: Choose one secondary color and the 2 primary colors that make it *Use Wet on Wet Technique on Bricks *Wash one brick with water *Add the 3 colors of paint with 3 separate brushes *Sprinkle with salt
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