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Back-to-School Sale on Notebooks and Sketchbooks!

Children's Mental Health Exhibition

Custom Slideshow from The Harbour School (posted on May 7, 2020)
Last fall our students worked hard to create artwork based on the theme of "Children's Mental Health". which was entered in a statewide competition. 
 Our students created very thoughtful pieces showing something about feelings, emotions, as related to mental wellbeing.  The resulting art they created is as diverse as our students' emotions and give an interesting insight into their interpretation of this theme.
Since the exhibition cannot be displayed physically, a link was sent out to see this exhibition of artwork from all over the state of Maryland.
We also wanted to showcase the work of our students here for all to see. This exhibition shows all entries our students created for this statewide competition. (except those students whose parents have not given permission for their child's work to be seen). 
Any parents that see their child's work and would like a copy of it can order a framable print of the artwork through Artsonia or may contact the art teachers for more info about downloading a copy of the art.
We hope you enjoy viewing this special Competition Exhibition!  Please feel free to leavecomments and compliments for the students!
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