Kandinksy Paintings

Slideshow from Falls-Lenox Primary School (Gr. 1-3) (posted on February 6, 2024)
Focus Vocabulary: Line Shape Abstract Art Wassily Kandinsky Synesthesia Step 1: Artists learned about how Wassily Kandinsky used his synesthesia to paint music. Step 2: Artists chose a piece of music as inspiration to create artwork, either representational or abstract. Step 3: Artists chose media to complete work, choosing from the paint and drawing centers. Step 4: Upload to Artsonia and use artist statement to describe artwork. Learning Targets: Product: 1.0 Artwork looks incomplete with little evidence of craftsmanship. 2.0 Artwork is a simple design that is neat, little evidence of media experimentation. 3.0 Artwork is a more complex design with evidence of media experimentation and careful execution. Title and Statement 1.0 Little evidence of thought or understanding. 2.0 Simple title and description of artmaking process. 3.0 Detailed/thoughtful title with evidence of understanding the purpose or message of the artwork. Standards: 1.3CO Communicate personal emotions and read emotional content in works of art. 2.1CO Recognize and discuss the different ways in which art communicates ideas and serves many purposes. 3.2PR Demonstrate expressive and purposeful use of materials and tools
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