Greenwood Christian School School Award

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Artsonia 25K Club Award
For publishing 25,000 or more artworks at the school.
Not yet earned – Your school currently has 8,016 artwork published
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Mary Adams Elementary School in Indianapolis, IN
Earned on 11/27/2018
Fall Creek Elementary School in Fishers, IN
Earned on 9/13/2021
Zionsville Middle School (5-8) in Zionsville, IN
Earned on 2/20/2011
Geist Elementary in Fortville, IN
Earned on 9/19/2018
Zionsville West Middle School in Whitestown, IN
Earned on 2/3/2020
Pendleton Elementary School in Pendleton, IN
Earned on 6/12/2020
Promise Road Elementary in Noblesville, IN
Earned on 1/24/2024
South Decatur Elementary School in Greensburg, IN
Earned on 9/20/2019
Lester B Sommer Elementary School in Crawfordsville, IN
Earned on 10/7/2013
New Market Elementary School in New Market, IN
Earned on 12/8/2010
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Heineman Middle School in Algonquin, IL
Earned on 5/21/2024NEW
Mary Scroggs Elementary in Chapel Hill, NC
Earned on 5/20/2024NEW
Springfield Elementary School in Springfield, NE
Earned on 5/19/2024NEW
San Dimas High School in San Dimas, CA
Earned on 5/17/2024NEW
East Millsboro Elementary School in Millsboro, DE
Earned on 5/17/2024NEW
Lakeview Elementary in Solon, IA
Earned on 5/14/2024NEW
PS9 The Sarah Smith Garnet School in Brooklyn, NY
Earned on 5/14/2024NEW
Countryside Elementary (1-4) in Byron Center, MI
Earned on 5/12/2024NEW
Negley Elementary School in Kyle, TX
Earned on 5/11/2024NEW
Sugarmill Elementary School in St. Marys, GA
Earned on 5/10/2024NEW