Art Tech Drive

Welcome Family & Friends!

Our school is participating in a special fundraiser called Art Tech Drive which allows parents and family to purchase unique keepsakes that feature artwork created by your child at school!

Our art program receives 20% of all purchases you make through this program, which helps us get new technology for the art room, as well as much-needed supplies and other resources.

We hope you'll consider buying some jewelry for yourself and other family members as gifts. Not only does it help our art room, but it also encourages your child's creativity!

Thank you for your support!
Your Purchase of Custom Keepsakes
featuring your child's artwork...
(sample artwork shown here)
... helps your child's art room
get new technology and supplies!
Let's Get Started!
Remember, 20% of all purchases you make of custom keepsakes featuring your child's artwork will go towards the school's art program, helping them obtain valuable art supplies and new technology for the classroom.