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Very Cool Rachel! You have been blessed with a "great eye" and a wonderful talent. Keep up the good work! Love, Aunt Annie
May 13, 2008
i like this one too. i think it kinda gives off an underwater feeling, but if thats what its not supposed to do then i didnt say that. but thats ok, right? haha! love you, paula
March 18, 2007
Hey Dude! I think this one is super cool!! I think you're a fantabulous artist and next time we go to Ireland you should draw our cottage. Love ya, Paula
March 18, 2007
Hey Rachel. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with the world. You help to make this a better place to live. Love your work. And you. Dad
March 18, 2007
Rachel, Awesome. Again. Thanks for sharing your talent. You are truly a gifted artist. I'm very glad that you are being so creative. Your proud Dad.
February 22, 2007
Rach, This is Really cool! The colors are beautiful! We do we get to start hanging your art at home??? xo Mom
January 24, 2007
Rachel, Totally awesome, again! You have a great gift for creativity. I'm very pleased to see you using your talents. I really like the colors and "flow" of this picture. Keep up the great work! Dad
December 22, 2006
Rach, You never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of you! It's wonderful that you are having so much fun doing something you love. Keep it up girlie!! Love, Mom
September 24, 2006
Oh my sweet pea, that is awesome. I say you do this as wall painting in your parents room. Anyway, you should be VERY proud of yourself...this is quite an accomplishment! Love you hun, Lori
September 13, 2006
Rachel, I'm so impressed, you have a great talent, can't wait to see more of your work posted! Love you, Aunt Kel
September 11, 2006
Hi Rach Rach Here! I love your sketch. I hope you are always able to tap into your talents. They are gifts that will serve you well. I love this quote....... "He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist." ~St Fancis of Assisi Love ya lots and lots ~Rachel
September 11, 2006
Nice job Rach. I'm sooooo proud of you!! Love, Mom
September 9, 2006