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I love this beautiful flower, Lyric!! You did a great job!
October 10, 2021
Love this so much, Lyric!!! Great job!
Aunt Grace
November 10, 2020
What a lovely picture, little girl.
March 25, 2020
What a colorful, wonderful picture. Nice job, sweetie!!
October 2, 2019
Beautiful work, little girl. I love the colors.
-- Marmie
April 8, 2019
What a lovely, lovely picture. So peaceful. I really like it. Marmie
-- Marmie
May 16, 2018
What a lovely picture of Spring. I really like it.
-- Marmie
March 21, 2018
Lyric, I love this lion!! You did a great job on it!
-- Grace
March 21, 2018
Very colorful, little girl.
-- Rhonda
February 7, 2018
This girl is getting good! Is this Aslan?
-- Marcia
February 7, 2018
Love it, Lyric! You are a great artist!
-- Grace
November 29, 2017
So proud of you Lyric!! Great picture!!
-- Stacy
November 9, 2017
I am so proud of you baby!! Great picture!!
-- Stacy(mommy)
November 15, 2017
What a cute bear, Lyric! When I was your age, I could only draw stick figures!! Good job!
-- Marcia
October 9, 2017
Wow, Lyric! This is great! I love your bear!!
-- Grace
October 4, 2017