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Nice colors and great aerial perspective!!
- Gabriel on December 28, 2022
Hi Georgie, A beautiful heart with a great choice of colors. It looks so alive you can almost see it beating. You are becoming quite a good artist, Georgie. Love, kisses, and hugs from Cleveland!
- nana on January 27, 2021
Hi Georgie, Those are very special hands. Hands that play the violin, hands that do craft projects, hands that knit and crochet, hands that play with Pippa......very beautiful Georgie and symbolic. Lots of love and hugs from everyone in Cleveland!!
- nana on January 27, 2021
Hi Georgie, What a great fire truck....Stop, Drop, and Roll are so important to remember if you are ever in a fire. A very clever way to put the words in the picture. Very artistic. Lots of love and hugs for Georgie.
- nana on January 27, 2021