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HAH!'s like, a year later, LOL. Too bad we dont have artsonia no more :((
January 27, 2007
Hah, clare. You my pal. You famous now. Great awtwok, gal. gotta go, chow. Like my poem? check out my awtwok!
-- from Kelena
February 2, 2006
Clare---great job! This family has a lot of talented women, don't you think? Keep up the good work.
-- from Aunt Sharon
November 3, 2005
-- from Your friend Jackie
October 28, 2005
Dang, Clare, this is REALLY GOOD! Great Job!
-- from Daddy xxooo
October 28, 2005
Clare, I like your picture. You did very good!
-- from Your Friend, Xave
October 3, 2005
that is a great picture but i know u can do better than you did on that alright i will see you later >
-- from kelsey
October 1, 2005
Oooo Clare, you go girl! Obviously got your talent from Aunt Linda---NOT AUNT NANCY! :)
-- from Aunt Nancy
September 24, 2005
Clare your artwork is wonderful and I so proud to know a famous, Jackwee
-- from Your Friend Jackwee
September 23, 2005
Clare this is a very good project. Do you like the painting by Vincent van Gogh? Did you ever hear the song??Keep up the good work!
-- from Mrs. S. your art teacher
September 23, 2005
If this is the Clare that I know and love--I'm so proud that she's famous now!
-- from Aunt Sally
September 23, 2005
Clare, the artwork looks GREAT! Good job!
-- from Daddy
September 22, 2005
Congratulations on publishing your newest artwork from all your friends at Artsonia!
-- from Artsonia
September 22, 2005