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Jack, you really made me think about this piece with your inspiration comments. You are 100% right ~ inspiration is all around us! I like how you captured nature in such a positive light. What a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing!! Aunt Laura
November 13, 2020
Jack ~ your new piece is awesome! I totally see the depth and perception from the street view. Nice!!
Aunt Laura
November 13, 2020
Hi Jack, That is super cool!!! The colors really catch your eye and flow throughout the wheel. Keep up the awesome work! Aunt Laura
December 11, 2019
Wow Jack, that is your most colorful portrait yet. 'Wonder' was a very special movie and I can see that it certainly made an impression and inspired you to create this beautiful image! It is completely different from your last piece. This image shows that you are a multi-dimensional creative thinker! Love it and love you, Aunt Laura.
-- Laura
May 6, 2018
Great job, Jack. You really made it look like King Tut must have looked when he lived. Grandma F
-- Fritzi
November 15, 2017
Jack you did such an awesome job!! It looks just like the King Tut sarcophagus. You paid attention to detail and color. We are so proud of your artwork and you!!! Mom & Dad
-- Megan
October 24, 2017
Jack - I love your first artwork posting! The colors that you used are spot on and the detail gives it your own authenticity. A Masterpiece!
-- Aunt Laura
October 24, 2017