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This is a great piece of work. Grammy and I love the art piece and we are proud of the work you do. Keep it up.
-- Walter
April 25, 2019
Emily I love this work!!! Great job, the colors you chose and the contrast are amazing. Mom
-- Kathy
December 11, 2018
Emily - love your latest piece of art! The colors are just fabulous! Keep up the awesome work! Love you lots! Aunt Keri
-- Keri
December 12, 2018
Very nice artwork! Keep up the good work.
-- Walter
March 14, 2018
Hi Emily - I love your artwork! The colors you chose here are beautiful!! Keep up the awesome job! Love you - auntie Keri
-- Keri
January 17, 2018
I love it. Great job by a wonderful and creative girl.
-- Gregg
November 22, 2017
Emily- I love your artwork! Please tell me all about it. Mom
-- Kathy
November 13, 2017
Emily I love the colors you chose! The colors formed together to create some awesome effects in the top right of your picture. XO Mom
-- Kathy
November 6, 2017
Emily I love the colors that you chose in your weaving. They contrast each other. Did it take you a long time to weave? I would love to try this at home!!! XO Mom
-- Kathy
April 26, 2017
Emily- What a beautiful house with all that snow. Love you my little artist Mom
-- Kathy
January 23, 2017
Emily this is awesome!!! I love the colors you chose,your eyelashes really stand out. You are such an artist!!! All my love, Mom
-- Kathy
December 20, 2016
Emily this is super cool. I love the colors and the shapes you created. You are such an artist!!!
-- Mom
October 16, 2016
Wow Emily!!! Great job, I love the colors you chose.
-- Mom
October 12, 2016