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Great job wouldn't be afraid to sail the ocean blue on that baby providing we have rescue boats and plenty to eat and a great qualified cook and captain and a great cabine for Pepere with satalite tv sixty inches for the tv oh yeah last but least room service
-- Roger
January 25, 2017
great jpb
-- Dad
January 18, 2017
Nevaeh, I love your artwork. Keep up the good work. Love Grandma
-- Jane
November 28, 2016
Hi Nevaeh this is ur pep I really love the boat boy you surely did a great job on that boat picture I think I know why u did so good it's because of the training that I gave you this pass summer when I let you paint my front stairs and all of the timbers that we put down for defamation that means to separate the landscape and walkways what happens with all of these pictures that you kids are working on? Because that boat would look great in my man cave what do you think? Got to run ur grams she a calling me she what's me to lotion her big wide and stinky pot pots got to run this is the PEPERE
-- Roger
November 28, 2016
Great job Nevaeh! Keep up the good work??
-- Susan
October 24, 2016