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I love your name and design and colors in your art work! Great coloring!! Hope you can bring it home soon. Love, Grandma
January 24, 2021
Hi Ella, I love your pumpkin. When we see you, you'll have to tell me how you made it. It looks just like the glass pumpkins you have on the mantel at home. Love, Grandma
-- Kathy
May 3, 2019
Hi Ella, Grandma loves your picture of Hot Chocolate with marshmallows in that pretty mug. It's all our favorite colors also! And look at the steam coming the the hot chocolate too. It makes me really hungry right now for some hot chocolate! Would you like some with me? Love, Grandma
-- Kathy
March 28, 2018
We love those little hands!! We know you love your art work! Grandma & Papa
-- Kathy
March 22, 2017
Ella: Busia and Grandpa think your turtle is very interesting. Is he a Tic Tac Toe Turtle?
-- Mary
May 10, 2016
Hi Ella! It is very exciting to see our picture that you made for us on the computer. I have put the picture away with our Christmas decorations. Next Christmas we'll hang it up again. Thank you for giving us this picture. We'll use it each Christmas! Keep doing well with your art projects! Love, Grandma & Papa
-- Kathy
January 12, 2016