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Below are comments about Georgia1470's artwork that have been left by teachers, family or other website visitors.
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Will you please send this robot to Hamilton to clean my house, too? Thanks! LOL.
-- Grandma Ann
April 11, 2018
Georgia, this is very cool! It shows how many things make us who we are and become as we grow! Love you!
-- Grandma Ann
April 11, 2018
I love the colors in this picture, Georgia! The girl sure looks like the sister of the girl in Rae's winter picture! I love it!
-- Grandma Ann
April 4, 2018
Georgia, I always enjoy seeing your art work! I like the colors you used.
-- Grammy
December 27, 2017
I love this picture, Georgia! It is a perfect example of a scary Halloween night.
-- Grandma Ann
December 27, 2017
Georgia, I love this picture! It makes me happy ??
-- Ann
July 5, 2017
Georgia, I love your new picture! "Nice" is a perfect word for you. Love, Grandma Ann
January 28, 2017
Georgia, I love this "big cat" that you made! You are a talented artist! Love from G-Ann.
November 2, 2016
Georgia - I love the cat...he very cool! You are a great artist! Love u! Auntie
May 4, 2016
Hi, Geogia! I love the koi picture you created. Such a happy fish - it makes me feel happy, too! Love you, sweetheat, Grandma Ann ??
-- Ann
February 13, 2016
Georgia, I love your version of "Wheat Field with Crows"! I tried to count the crows...there were so many I lost track. :) The colors are bright and beautiful. Great job!
-- Grandma Ann
December 20, 2015
Georgia - your picture is so beautiful!! Can't wait to see more of your artwork! Love you! Auntie
-- Andrea
December 17, 2015