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Hi Lucy....This is a beautiful piece of artwork. It's great to see how your talent has grown through the years. Grandma.
January 29, 2020
I love this so much! I love her face beyond anything! So perfect!
-- Mom
February 13, 2018
Lucy - Love your creations and this one in particular. Nice work!
-- Gramps
January 17, 2018
Hi....I love your bright yellow robot! Keep up your awesome artwork.
-- Grandma
May 10, 2017
Way to go Lucy! This quite the detailed and interesting picture. You have a good feeling for how to do people so that they look like real people with feeling. Good job. Grandma.
-- Beverly
November 10, 2016
Hi Lucy….We love your artwork and have four cups now and two go cups with your art on it, and are ordering a cup with your latest. We have shared these with my sisters and brothers and they think you are a very good artist. Keep up the good work. Lots of love. grandma.
-- Beverly
November 10, 2016
Hi Lucy...Great artwork! Keep up the good work. This is really like Van Gough and I'm impressed.
-- Beverly
December 22, 2015
Lucy, you're artwork is very van Gogh-like and I really like it! I hope to see more of your creative works of art!!
-- Grandma Sue
December 22, 2015
Lucy- I saw your fine artwork on the computer today. Nicely done! Grandpa
-- Grandpa
December 18, 2015