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Love this! You really captured a patriotic symbol of the bald eagle, with great pencil detail. Nice work! Love, Mom
-- Mom
November 6, 2018
Dear Marcus I really enjoyed this looks so much like the two cherry trees I had in the backyard. You got the idea that the blooms come before the leaves do. nature was double wise..It made you capable of expressing it so well and to be a natural doing it. Thank you for your art. papi
-- papi
November 22, 2017
Dear Marcus,,,,, very nice painting. It reminds both us grandparents of the views we saw in Sevilla, Spain. The only thing missing are the houses with windows decorated with flowers. Keep up the drawing, shadings and paintings. YOU ARE A NATURAL FOR IT! And as you know, our refrigerator needs more great art like yours. Love, Papi
-- Hugo
November 16, 2016
Dear Marcus that is a very realistic Dinosaurs... His size is really scary.. He is ten times taller than the mountains.. But the best part is its cute tail.. I really, really love it. congratulations
-- Papi
January 27, 2016
Yep this is a classic example of what Salvador Dali said earlier in his great life. "It is not what the painting says if not what your mind think is saying".. I could easily think more that 10 different thoughts Marcus is talking through his art. Probably not one is the true one. But, I think he will be happy to know that papi is thinking he has great potential and my refrigerator is always ready to accept one more art from him.. love papi
-- Hugo
November 10, 2015
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