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Chloe I love your Day of the Dead picture. Uncle Matthew loves Day of the Dead art. We saw a lot of it when we lived in New Mexico. I think you captured the spirit of it perfectly.
December 18, 2019
I love the colors in this one. It makes me want to travel to India! When shall we go Chloe? Love, Aunt Nettey
-- Lynette
May 9, 2018
Myles and I like your Mexican skull. It reminds us of the recent movie Coco? Did you see that movie? If not you would definitely like it. Did you learn about Day of the Dead? I like the idea of keeping pictures up and taking a day to remember our ancestors. Ive been meaning to hang up picutres of both sets of my grandparents. Right now I only have a picture of my mom's mother in the house (which is the only one of my grandparents who got a chance to meet Kyle). You and Calvin and my boys are so lucky to grow up with all your grandparents close by. Love you bunches and hope to see you soon. - Aunt Nettey
-- Lynette
February 14, 2018
I LOVE this tiger. I especially like to compare it to the tiger you did when you first started this website. It is so cool to see how far you have progressed in your artwork since you first started. This tiger really shows a lot of personality. It almost reminds me of a human face. Kind and strong. I am always so excited to see when you have a new picture listed. All my love, Aunt Nettey
-- Aunt Nettey
December 7, 2016
Really cool Matisse Chloe. I had a Matisse poster of goldfish on my wall when I went to college. If you google "Matisse Goldfish" you can see it. Can you draw the goldfish picture for me? I wonder what kind of art you will have hanging on your walls when you go to college? It was so much fun seeing you at the Cape. I love you. Hugs, Aunt Nettey
-- Lynette
May 30, 2016
This butterfly is really awesome! my favorite piece you've done so far. Definitely save it as a Christmas ornament. Love, Aunt Nettey
-- Lynette
April 6, 2016
I love your heart! Myles does too. Purple is his favorite color. It was nice to see you at Drumlin the other day. See you next month. Love, Aunt Nettey
-- Lynette
April 6, 2016
Little puppy thinks he saw this tiger on the playground at your school. I tried to tell him he was mistaken but he did not believe me. I love this tiger. It is a beautiful and interesting tiger. Love you! Xxxooo from Gram.
-- Gram
November 6, 2015
Chloe--I love your tiger! He reminds me of Finnegan. Love from Auntie Christina
October 30, 2015