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Nicholas this is wonderful! You've done such an awesome job on ALL your artwork! I knew you we're a great artist, ever since you we're little!!!
-- Mommy
May 14, 2015
Nicholas this is SO COOL!! What is it?? Your doing a great job creating all this different artwork! I love that I get to see what you make! lOVE YOU, MOMMY
January 27, 2015
Nana and Papa really love this picture.We can't wait to see some more of your artwork.
-- Nana
January 2, 2015
Hi Nicholas, I LOVE your snowman! How did you make that? It's really cool. He reminds me of Olaf! Make some more pictures and send them to me Lot and love of hugs and kisses, Baba
-- Baba
January 17, 2015
Nicholas this is AWESOME!!!!! You are quite the 'artist'!! GREAT JOB! I can't wait to see what you do next! Love, Mommy
December 30, 2014