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Below are comments about Claire5767's artwork that have been left by teachers, family or other website visitors.
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Claire - I love your plate of food! The cupcake, graham cracker and strawberry all look delicious enough to eat! xo
-- Mom
June 5, 2019
Beautiful work, Claire!!
-- Mom
December 12, 2016
Claire, you are a genius!!!! I love your bowl.
-- Grandma Sharon
May 11, 2016
Claire, You are so creative!!! You are growing as an artist!!! I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK!!!!
-- Grandma Sharon
January 22, 2016
Claire, You are such a budding artist! I loved your mixed media creation. You will have to tell me how you thought of the idea of creating it and what materials you used. It's SO special!
-- Nancy
March 26, 2015
Claire, I am so impressed you with your imagination. You have created a piece of artwork that is beautiful and fun. I have such a talented granddaughter. Love Grandma
-- Sharon
March 22, 2015
Claire, I am so impressed with your artwork!!!! I have ordered a tile so I can keep it at home. Love, Grandma
-- Sharon
December 22, 2014
Claire, I love the colors you chose for your picture! They go together so well. Keep up the good work!
-- Nancy
December 10, 2014
Claire, This is beautiful!!! I am so impressed.
-- sharon
November 7, 2014