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Hi, Viv--this will be my third self portrait you have done when I order my magnet. Great job--love all the artwork you have on Artsonia.
-- Mimi R.
December 6, 2016
You did a great job on this self portrait, Viv! I remember that outfit that you were wearing. What an artist you are! Love from Mimi.
December 30, 2015
Great job, Viv! Love this. You are an artist with awesome imagination. Love from Mimi R.
-- Lana
December 3, 2015
Viv--You did an awesome job on the ice cream cones--they look yummy. I think I would like the biggest one!
-- Mimi in Vermont
September 18, 2015
Hi, Viv--I love this picture of your family (and mine)! You did an awesome job--now Mimi has a ceramic tile of this picture right here in her kitchen in Vermont. Keep on drawing--I will keep on watching for your new artwork.
-- Lana
October 17, 2015
This is awesome, Viv! I love snowmen so I will be ordering something in this artwork. I am looking forward to seeing more as this year goes on. You are our best girl!
-- Lana
December 12, 2015