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Dear Teo... You are by far the most intelligent person I've ever met. At your age obviously... But I do not comprehend you not following common sense norms.. ""IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS BAD DO NOT DO IT ""... and ""ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES".. so shape up! By the by... I like your art// love papi.
-- Hugo
June 5, 2019
well I am impressed! It seems my grandson is very good at painting monsters?.. I had reservations about he and his self portraits and railroad engines. But now the video world is ready for him..... great Teo
-- Hugo
April 19, 2018
Dear Mateo.. your progress as an artist is remarkable.. Gone are the days were your shadings were all over the lines.. the color selection not applicable .. the lighting never considered..Now we see a true drawing and coloring to enhance it. My refrigerator will be proud to expose this beauty for years to come and twice on the 4th of July!/love papi..
-- Hugo
November 8, 2016
Dear Mateo... it seems this owl is very old.. and grumpy.. I think no mouse is showing and he is getting hungry. I get grumpy as well if I do not get my pizza on time. In my case if I step on a branch, like your owl, I probably would fell down and get even more your art.. It makes me happy. papi
-- Hugo
November 8, 2015
Artists are born not made..Mateo's is one of the lucky ones that started very young to show great talent for expressing himself in different manners. He learned very fast the basic drawing concepts like shading / perspective/ coloring shades.. He is on his way to be a very good artist. I can't wait to have our house decorated with his art. Very Proud Grandfather
-- Hugo
November 10, 2015
Great painting.. If I were a bumblebee I would really like to be painted by Mateo..he is so gifted. I put a copy outside, in the backyard, and a bunch off bees came to admire it... go figure
-- Papi
June 17, 2015
Rainbow jellyfish, very creative!
-- Kelly
June 2, 2015
Bernini never had a better pupil. Mateo is very creative and he can create sculptures while jumping on his trampoline. Something the Italian master never could do.
-- Hugo
May 6, 2015
Great job Mateo! I love this bird, the colors are fabulous. Keep up the good work.
-- Kelly
May 5, 2015
This piece is great, Mateo! You look so happy flying through the sky. And the multi-colored border gives me a feeling of you exploring all the cultures around the world. I love this happy piece of work.
-- Angie
March 13, 2015
Dear Teo.. I am very happy to admire your art. I could never be as good at your age. As we talked before ART is another way to communicate. in this case via images.. and you are doing it simply beautifully. love papi
-- Papi
December 9, 2014
Dear Mateo, This is so pretty. I love nature and this is a beautiful depiction of the seasons. You are an artist. Love, Aunt Missy
-- Aunt Missy
November 14, 2014