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Quinn, you never cease to amaze me. Keep up the great work! PawPaw
-- Framl
June 20, 2018
Another masterpiece!
-- Frank
May 31, 2017
Another beautiful picture! Great color. Pawpaw
-- Frank
January 4, 2017
Another winner!! Very proud of you! MawMaw and PawPaw
-- Frank
January 4, 2017
Nice shapes, Quinn.
-- Frank
October 19, 2016
Looks great as usual!
-- Frank
October 19, 2016
Great job, Quinn! Looks like a lot of work went into this artwork!
-- Frank
October 19, 2016
Your artwork is lovely, Quinn and I am very proud of you!
-- Patsy
October 8, 2015
September 21, 2015
Quinn, mommy LOVES looking at your artwork online. It makes me so happy and I am so proud of you!
-- Sarah
September 22, 2015
Another great job, Quinn - Maw-Maw & Paw-Paw
-- Frank
May 28, 2015
Another winner, Quinn!!! Great job. Ma Ma & Pa Pa
-- Frank
November 25, 2014
You continue to amaze us with your beautiful art work. Maw Maw & Paw Paw!
-- Frank
September 19, 2014
The "Owl Sculpture" is really neat. I like the big eyes!! Great job!!!!! Maw-Maw & Paw-Paw
-- Frank
April 15, 2013
I LOVE all of your beautiful artwork!!! Aunt Liz and Uncle Bob are so proud of you!!!
-- Liz
February 26, 2013
Your Grandparents think you are amazing! This is great for Valentines Day. Pawpaw & Mawmaw
-- Frank
February 20, 2013
I just love how these monkey oil pastel drawings turned out! I am always impressed with what my kindergarteners are capable of when they work hard. Great work!
Breanna (teacher at Gateway Science Academy)
December 11, 2012