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Thanks so much for being such a great art student. I'm joining your fan club so I can see the art you make in the future. Ask your family to help you keep adding your creations to your digital portfolio:) Your biggest art fan,
-- Mrs. F
July 29, 2012
Great portrait!
-- Maria
July 29, 2012
Bravo, Lianche !!! Prekrasna perspektiva si nachertala. Ti si moeto talantlivo vnuche!Obicham te! baba -- Dara
-- Dara
May 26, 2011
Браво, Лианче !!! Прекрасна перспектива си начертала. Ти си моето талантливо внуче!Обичам те! баба
-- Дара

May 26, 2011
Wow! Great work
-- Maria
April 2, 2011
It's so sparkly!!!!!!!:)
-- Hermione
April 2, 2011
I like your autoportrait
-- Maria
April 2, 2011
Wow! Wonderful crane!
-- Maria
April 2, 2011
your greek vase is awesome.
-- natalie
March 1, 2011
Wonderful picture, Liana
-- Maria
February 11, 2011
How come I haven't seen this one before!? We should go to the Art Museum while Matisse is still there :-)
-- Evgeny
May 28, 2010
Why, why, why !?!? Was this your teacher's idea? There aren't enough objects, animals, faces and fantasies to be drawn? At least the Black Marker has a tiny company this time...
-- Evgeny
May 16, 2010
All the music symbols are reversed, Liana! Was the picture scanned incorrectly or 2 years of piano were in vain? :-)
-- Evgeny
February 21, 2010
Congratulations Liana for entering the Hall of Fame 2009-10! You're awesome:)
-- Mrs.F
February 7, 2010
What was in the Black Marker mind this time !?!?!?
January 15, 2010
Art is hard !? I thought it was fun.
December 17, 2009
And why USA !? In cursive :-) Love the yellow sky. Could be Mars.
November 24, 2009
Wonderful! I have an idea - we try next time to use our own pictures - I can print them bigger and we try to draw them. What do you think? Dad
November 21, 2009
Много ми харесва! Имам идея как да направим още по-добри - ще почнем от снимки. Ще е по-лесно и по-реалистично. Искаш ли да пробваме другата седмица? Тати
November 18, 2009
Love the background. Pretty much like the days today, isn't it? Makes me want to sit with a cup of tea and read a book. Or play a game of Blokus if you are around :-) D
November 5, 2009
Liana, Liana... You still keep the book too close to the eyes! :-) And URead too much! :-)
November 5, 2009
I see. One can make a self portrait turning their head to the right and looking to the left. Was that in an Yoga class, Liana? We should tell Yogi Ram. You can actually make a portrait of him, as he does dress only in white indeed :-) Did you use a mirror at all ? Dad
October 30, 2009
Love it! The colors are so fresh and the shades - well made, one can almost ignore The Black Omnipresent MarkER (BOMER!) Loved the background too, untill I checked that it is another product of mass production and similar to many of the others. Remind me to make our own self portraits at home and post them here! Hugs, Dad
October 30, 2009
Congratulations Liana for entering the Hall of Fame 2008-2009! You're awesome-Mrs. F
June 1, 2009
Dear Liana, Are you going to do more "i_______ "? I hope you will, because I really liked your " i read". Sincirely, Hermione
May 30, 2009
This is amazing!
May 30, 2009
this is awesome Liana!
May 30, 2009
You look awesome!
May 29, 2009
Лиана, Лиана....! Отново четеш много близо до очите! Ето ти го документирано :-) тати
May 28, 2009
Dear Liana, You have nice artwork! Sincerely, Hermione
May 26, 2009