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Below are comments about Ian1326's artwork that have been left by teachers, family or other website visitors.
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This is some GREAT work...you are so talented! (You must get that from your mom...ha ha)
April 18, 2015
This picture looks so "springy"...you've captured everything perfectly! So proud of you and your many talents! Love you!!!
-- Mom
April 5, 2011
Great picture! It fits you perfectly because you are all heart!!!
-- Mom
February 8, 2011
All your artwork is great, but I especially like your bear and sheep. Keep up the good work and maybe someday it will be famous. Love & Kisses, Mom
June 18, 2009
Keep up the great work buddy. I enjoy your art a lot and it always makes me smile.
May 12, 2009
Ian, I LOVE your cactus...it looks so real. We're proud of you! Love, Mom
December 13, 2008