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What a beautiful piece of art. Grace, it's a truly amazing.
- Grandma on April 24, 2024
Great job on Biggie, G. Can't wait to display her at home.
- Mom on April 17, 2024
I love Biggy! You did such a great job! Love you!
- Jason (Father) on April 10, 2024
The picture perfectly matches the quote.
- Grandma on December 19, 2023
This is a very creative piece of photography. It took a lot of thought and an eye for detail.
- Patty on November 22, 2023
Such creativity! How you saw letters in everyday objects, like the "H" in a window frame, the "S" in a bike rack and the "T" in a light pole. Great work
- Anja on November 22, 2023
The color you caught was beautiful.
- Grandma And Papa Schmidt on November 12, 2023
The picture shows the vibrance and perfection of the flower against the slightly hazy background.
- Patty on November 8, 2023
This was a really neat photo. I wasn't sure what it was till I read your recap. To me it could have been a building.
- Patty on November 5, 2023