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Hi Ava. Love it. I am going to get a shirt with your project
- Kathleen on June 7, 2024
That’s an incredible art piece. The volleyball looks like it is going to pop out of the picture. Babs and Buster are amazing in their cultural outfits.
- Kathy on April 23, 2024
Love the shape and colors Ava. So fun that you got to design this art.
- Kathleen on April 10, 2024
I love it Ava. Great job. Can’t wait to ask you about your inspiration
- Kathleen on March 20, 2024
That’s beautiful. I want to vacation there.
- Kathleen on February 6, 2024
I really like how this turned out. It seems peaceful. I could bring a blanket and a book and hang out there a while.
- Mary Kay (Mother) on February 6, 2024
Love the colors. Makes me think about spring. Great job Ava!
- Kathleen on January 10, 2024
I really like the shading you did on the flower. It looks great!
- Mary Kay (Mother) on January 9, 2024
Very nice blending. Looks great!
- Ambriella on December 18, 2023
Amazing job Ava. I love the shading.
- Kathy on December 18, 2023
That like an interesting project. Wish I could see it in person as I bet it shows more depth of color.
- Kathleen on November 8, 2023
Wow. That makes me hungry. What a great picture.
- Kathleen on October 18, 2023
That is so creative.
- Kathleen on October 18, 2023
I think Ava’s drawing is amazing.
- Kathleen on October 18, 2023
I am impressed. You are artistic!
- Darlene on October 13, 2023
Love it! Now I want to eat some Doritos!
- Mary Kay on October 11, 2023