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BEST one so far Savannah!! ?? Love the colors you chose.
- Grandma She on May 8, 2024
Fantastic job on your artwork Savannah! This is one of my favorite types of art. You did such a great job on the detail and picking colors. I’m SO proud of you! Love, GPKuj
- Grandpa Kuj on May 1, 2024
This is our favorite piece of art so far! Amazing work, Savannah! ???????
- Brenna (Mother) on April 30, 2024
Very abstract, Sav! ?????????
- Brenna (Mother) on January 23, 2024
BEAUTIFUL Savannah! ??
- Grandma She on October 30, 2023
Fun artwork Sav!! Love all the colors! Love, Gma She & Gpa Kuj
- Grandma She on October 11, 2023
Great job Savannah! That’s one of the most colorful and creative turkeys I’ve ever seen!
- Grandpa Kuj on November 16, 2022
What a fun Turkey Savannah!! ??
- Grandma She on November 9, 2022
Love this leaf, Savvy! Beautiful job! Love, Mama
- Brenna (Mother) on November 1, 2022
Love the colorful fall leaves Savannah!
- Grandpa Kuj on November 2, 2022
Beautiful fall tree Savannah!
- Grandma She on October 26, 2022