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Becca ......This artwork is incredible! I want to live in one of those houses! Great work! Keep it up! Love you so much......Omi
- Linda(fan) on May 6, 2023
This absolutely beautiful!
- Phil on May 6, 2023
Becca this snowman is absolutely incredible! I love all the detail and the colors and the background! You are one fantastic artist sweet girl! Love you so much!
- Omi on February 1, 2023
That is an awesome picture Becca! I love it
- Grumpy on February 1, 2023
This is fantastic Rebecca - Great job spelling your name, great colors, fantastic drawing skills!! This is one of your best drawings yet!!
- Linda(fan) on November 23, 2022
Rebecca......this artwork is fantastic! We always knew you were a great artist!! We are so so proud of you! You are beautiful, smart and so talented! We love you so much!
- Omi & Grumpy on November 9, 2022