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Love your artwork Owen..looking forward to your next project..xo
- Grammy and Gramps on January 10, 2024
Wow! This is an amazing peacock! Look at those fabulous colors and bright blue body! I can tell you worked really hard on this- great job!
- Aunt Ellie on April 28, 2023
This is beautiful! I love all the bright colors
- Mommy on April 28, 2023
Owen!! This is such a beautiful heart! I love how you used lots of different colors. I can tell you worked hard on this! Keep up the great work- sending love from TX!
- Ellie on April 28, 2023
What a beautiful piece of art....keep up the great work at school....we are so proud of you..,xo
- Grammy and Gramps on April 28, 2023
This type of art is called a still life. You did a very good job coloring the apples as they sit on a table. Just like a real artist! Love, Nana
- Nana on April 28, 2023