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The water is gorgeous!
- Dorothy (Mother) on April 20, 2024
Wow, that's beautiful Luca!
- Grandpapa on April 20, 2024
Whoa! This is so cool.
- Gigi(fan) on April 20, 2024
I love these shapes inside of this huge heart! How wonderful! And the watercolor is something magical!
- Dorothy (Mother) on March 17, 2023
i love the snow i can’t wait to go sledding with you!
- Sam on March 1, 2023
I love it!! A creative combo!
- Jeannie on December 22, 2022
This is really beautiful work. I'm feeling hungry for one of those apples!
- Gigi on December 14, 2022
I love this colorful, creative monster! It really makes me smile (and only a little bit scared!)
- Gigi on December 14, 2022
Wow! Absolutely magnificent!
- Mom on December 14, 2022