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Always proud of my daughter!
- Gustavo (Father) on June 11, 2024 NEW
Great piece....she gave it to me and I have it on my nightstand.
- Gustavo (Father) on May 31, 2024 NEW
I'm so proud of my daughter!!!
- Gustavo (Father) on May 21, 2024
Beautiful, I'm always proud of my daughter!
- Gustavo (Father) on February 20, 2024
Beautiful, I'm proud of my daughter!
- Gustavo (Father) on February 6, 2024
Great job!!!
- Gustavo (Father) on May 2, 2023
I love Anette!!
- Gustavo (Father) on March 28, 2023
Anette Sophia from a very young age is already an artist. She loves all areas of art. Whether it's singing, dancing, drawing or molding, she always looks for a way to express herself... I'm her No. 1 Fan of hers and always will be.. up Anette Sophia, you're the best!
- Carla (Mother) on February 7, 2023