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Beautiful job, bud. I love the abstract thinking and creation.
- Steve Lambert on June 5, 2024 NEW
That is amazing, beautiful color and design. Love the Art work.
- Steve Lambert on March 20, 2024
Wow Owen this is beautiful!
- Ashley on January 3, 2024
What a beautiful piece of art!!
- Ashley on January 3, 2024
Great…. early spring SUN rise picture, keep up the great work and super art work.
- Stephen on March 1, 2023
Beautiful winter scene, great work.
- Ashley on February 8, 2023
Great work Owen!!
- Ashley (Mother) on November 29, 2022
Owen what an AWESOME wild Chicken.
- Ashley (Mother) on June 7, 2022
Wow, Owen this is so beautiful!! We can tell you worked so hard on it. Love, Mom and Dad
- Ashley (Mother) on May 19, 2022
Beautiful, great work!!
- Ashley (Mother) on April 5, 2022
Nice job Owen. I see 3 super cool jellyfish.
- Ashley (Mother) on December 28, 2021
Wow Owen, such a beautiful mosaic piece.
- Ashley (Mother) on November 9, 2021