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I like the night-time version!
- Sean (Father) on May 14, 2024
What a cute little Pokémon..! Keep up the good work!
- Sean (Father) on May 14, 2024
Ooooh! That looks fancy!! Good job D$!
- Sean (Father) on May 23, 2023
Looks just like our artwork in the room! Great job, buddy!
- Sean (Father) on April 19, 2023
Looks good! & Chilly..! Brrr...
- Sean on March 22, 2023
Looking good, Keep it up!!
- Sean on February 22, 2023
I love this guy! Ha, he still has more hair than I do..! Love you buddy. Just waiting for the best coffee cup art.
- Sean on May 6, 2022
Love it! The lips are great????
- Dana (Mother) on October 12, 2021